SnapShorts: the house at the end of the world

Photo Credit: Natalie Getter

Few people make it to the house at the end of the world for the path is long and dangerous plus let’s not forget all the dangerous trials and perils one must face.

However, it can be done so here are some tips to help you survive the journey.

First, you must wear sensible shoes because if you aren’t comfortable you will be lucky to even make it one-fourth of the way.

You will also need to pack several provisions as the journey takes a very long time. so food and water are must haves for the trip.

Then there are the wolves.

Remember I did warn you about the dangers. Are you reconsidering? Well be sure to take a good weapon, preferably something silver as the werewolves only come out at night.

There’s also a bridge guarded by a scary troll. But don’t worry, as he’s not the human-eating kind. If you give you him a bowl of porridge he will let you pass unscathed.

Sooner or later, you will cross those that attempted the journey and gave up. They will give you all types of reasons why they stopped. People always have reasons for quitting. Most of the time, they are more frightening than werewolves and trolls.

Just when you think you can’t walk another step, you see the house in the distance. You notice the air feels cleaner, and a sense of calm carries you the remaining leg of your journey. The keeper will give you a warm welcome and provide you with all manner of refreshments. I understand the lemonade is quite delightful, and his cheese sandwiches are the best you will ever have.

There is no shortage of beds here. You will probably spend your first few days in bed considering the long journey you just completed.

Congratulations to the few that make it to the house at the end of the world. I hope to have the courage to join you someday.




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