SnapShorts: omens of good passage and protection

Photo Credit: Natalie Getter

Don’t be alarmed by the gathering of birds as you depart. Often they get a bad reputation for being unlucky signs, but that’s not true.

In actuality, they arrive to bring both good luck and to wish you a safe journey.

The more birds that appear the more luck and protection you will have.

Sometimes they sing. Other times they won’t, but please don’t take that as an insult. After all, do you always feeling like singing? Sometimes just showing up is enough.

As you drift farther out to sea, they will fly away one at a time. Once in a while (not often) one of them will fly next to you for the first leg of your passage.

They are sorry they can’t go with you, but they have their own destinations in mind.

SnapShorts: let sleeping gods lie

Photo Credit: Natalie Getter

The writing on the stone was issued as both a challenge and a reward.

Legend has it that the Greek God of Laughter had the ability to make anyone laugh, by words, touch, or even thought.

If anyone can release this deity from his earthly prison by making him laugh, He promised to accompany that person forever.

He will never let you feel grief but instead will allow you to experience perfect joy and merriment for the rest of your days.

Every year I would visit and whisper a joke through the crack in the stone.

Once I thought I heard a chuckle but surely that was just the wind.

In my dreams, He appears and encourages me to return with his gilded promises of perfect happiness.

But I think he might be some type of trickster instead.

He wants me to do pranks, and some of them are not very nice.

Maybe it would be bad if someone actually released Him?





SnapShorts: be careful what you wish for


The advertisement made claims like “the moment you take possession of this love charm, you will feel confidence like you wouldn’t believe” and “others will find you irresistible and discover unique qualities they hadn’t noticed before.”

She paid an extra $12.95 for the two-day delivery deal.

When it arrived on her doorstep, she immediately removed the pendant from its envelope and put it around her neck eager for the magic to transform her.

The boys will look at me the way they look at my sister, she thought.

As she started walking down the street, she noticed that everyone stopped in their tracks to watch her completely mesmerized by the most beautiful creature they had ever seen.

All the attention she started getting was flattering. Soon she was getting more calls than her sister from the boys at their school. The mailbox was stuffed with love letters and cards. She had all the confidence in the world. She wore the charm to bed every night.

Soon men were showing up in the middle of the night to see her. The police were called several times.

During a stroll with her boyfriend one night, he became violent. She refused to run away with him and he chased her. She escaped but not before ripping the love charm from around her neck and tossing it to the ground.

It still lies in the middle of those woods unclaimed but working its magic around those that happen to pass by.

A young man proposed to a woman he had only known for a few short days during a hike.

A college student uncertain of his future stepped over it and immediately went home to write a novel that made it to the bestseller list.

If you happen to be walking in these woods, you might feel a surge of confidence yourself. Be sure to hold on to that feeling for as long as you can.

SnapShorts: little friends

Photo Credit: Natalie Getter

I found the knights for sale at a thrift store for a dollar. They were so thankful for being freed from that plastic bag that they got down on their knees to swear their allegiance to me. Feeling sorry for them, I bought a small pewter castle for them which now sets on the top of my desk.

Sir Edward, the noblest of the five, stands at the corner of my bed every night as I sleep. A champion swordsman, he promises to protect me from any dragons or wizards that would wish me harm. So far, there has been neither, but he has managed to keep the cat from jumping on my bed and waking me up.

The two brothers, Sir Tristan and Sir Thomas, often practice their sword fighting on the top of my nightstand. I usually have to rescue one of them from the trash can when I come home from work.

Sir Frederick missed the days of great quests, so he set out to battle a mythical creature he saw  under my bed. I think it was just a spider. I hope he returns safely.

Sir Godfrey, the oldest of the five knights, feels it necessary to educate on the codes of chivalry. He insists on going with me everywhere. I keep him in the front pocket of my purse. He’s fine with this mode of travel providing he has a thimble of brandy to pass the time between teachings. At night when I’m trying to sleep, Sir Godfrey likes to tell tales from the old times and his heroic deeds before the wizard’s curse affected them. Sometimes, I feel sorry for them being stuck this small.

Sometimes I want to find a cure to reverse the curse. Most times, I don’t out of fear they would leave me if they ever returned to normal.

SnapShorts: the house at the end of the world

Photo Credit: Natalie Getter

Few people make it to the house at the end of the world for the path is long and dangerous plus let’s not forget all the dangerous trials and perils one must face.

However, it can be done so here are some tips to help you survive the journey.

First, you must wear sensible shoes because if you aren’t comfortable you will be lucky to even make it one-fourth of the way.

You will also need to pack several provisions as the journey takes a very long time. so food and water are must haves for the trip.

Then there are the wolves.

Remember I did warn you about the dangers. Are you reconsidering? Well be sure to take a good weapon, preferably something silver as the werewolves only come out at night.

There’s also a bridge guarded by a scary troll. But don’t worry, as he’s not the human-eating kind. If you give you him a bowl of porridge he will let you pass unscathed.

Sooner or later, you will cross those that attempted the journey and gave up. They will give you all types of reasons why they stopped. People always have reasons for quitting. Most of the time, they are more frightening than werewolves and trolls.

Just when you think you can’t walk another step, you see the house in the distance. You notice the air feels cleaner, and a sense of calm carries you the remaining leg of your journey. The keeper will give you a warm welcome and provide you with all manner of refreshments. I understand the lemonade is quite delightful, and his cheese sandwiches are the best you will ever have.

There is no shortage of beds here. You will probably spend your first few days in bed considering the long journey you just completed.

Congratulations to the few that make it to the house at the end of the world. I hope to have the courage to join you someday.