SnapShorts: the magic ends at midnight

Photo Credit: Natalie Getter

It feels like all the time in the world.

The ball is as magical as promised, and I can dance all night long.

The clock chimes eleven.

Of all the magic in the world, why couldn’t I be given the ability to stop time?

I consent to a final dance, which turned into three.

Only minutes left so I have to hurry.

He follows, and I hurry so fast, well never mind losing a shoe.

Back with only seconds to spare as everything changes back.

The magic is gone.

Felt like a moment.




SnapShorts: the wish fairies

Photo Credit: Natalie Getter

The rules are simple. Think hard, reflect on what your heart truly desires, then throw a coin into the fountain. This is how it has been for centuries. However, you must be certain. Above all else, you are only allowed one wish to be granted. Just one.

For you see, the fairies that stand guard do not tolerate selfishness. Doubt is also a sin to them. They say that if you become too greedy or have even an ounce of uncertainty in your heart, you will pay a price.

And the price is quite steep.

Once long ago, a young girl who couldn’t have been more than seventeen or eighteen approached the fountain determined to have the heart of the man she thought she loved. She only had one coin and as she began to wish, hesitated on throwing the coin.

What if he isn’t my Prince Charming after all, she thought.

The fairies grew quite angry. That girl would marry the boy she thought she loved and endure thirteen years of abuse and heartbreak before earning her freedom.

Another time, there was a man who couldn’t decide if he would rather have wealth or power. He threw the coin in and wished for both.

The fairies granted neither. That man is now homeless and begs for money on the street corner every day.

When you approach the fountain, the wish fairies will gaze upon you with their mischievous expressions.

Now make your wish.

SnapShorts: best laid plans

Photo Credit: Natalie Getter

The poisonous scarab beetles were created in a conspiracy to assassinate the Pharaoh and place his son on the throne.

The plan was perfect and meant to be carried out over seven nights. Seven beetles. Seven nights.

The Pharaoh enjoyed wine before retiring for the night.

Each evening before bed, one of the beetles was ground up, and the deadly powder placed in the wine.

By the fourth night, his wives and servants noticed he was looking ill. The nightly routine of wine drinking continued.

On the final night, one of the conspirators discovered that the final scarab beetle was missing.

Despite their best search efforts, it was never found.

Legends say that the last of the deadly and highly poisonous scarabs still roams the Earth.

Although it may look beautiful, appearances aren’t everything.


SnapShorts: the resort in purgatory

Photo Credit: Natalie Getter

Once you stop and consider, you realize it isn’t such a bad place.

There are people everywhere, swimming, sunbathing, eating the most delicious ice cream and sipping mai tais.

The water is cold at first, but gradually warms to your body after a few moments. It won’t be long before you forget all your regrets from your life before.

There’s a restaurant out in the middle of the ocean. Try the pineapple coleslaw. Don’t forget the souvenir t-shirt.

In the distance, there’s a shining city enclosed in a bubble. You don’t see it? Look closer.

You stop and wonder sometimes how long before you get to go there.

SnapShorts: omens of good passage and protection

Photo Credit: Natalie Getter

Don’t be alarmed by the gathering of birds as you depart. Often they get a bad reputation for being unlucky signs, but that’s not true.

In actuality, they arrive to bring both good luck and to wish you a safe journey.

The more birds that appear the more luck and protection you will have.

Sometimes they sing. Other times they won’t, but please don’t take that as an insult. After all, do you always feeling like singing? Sometimes just showing up is enough.

As you drift farther out to sea, they will fly away one at a time. Once in a while (not often) one of them will fly next to you for the first leg of your passage.

They are sorry they can’t go with you, but they have their own destinations in mind.