Thank You, I Will Have Another

I’m really happy that The Classics Club has revived the tradition of the monthly meme. Although I’m a little late to the party on this one (fashionably late), I figure the old adage better late than never applies. Here is the most recent question:

Which classic author have you read more than one, but not all, of their books and which of their other books would you want to read in the future?

As I perused my shelves of unread classics, I found four authors that I love but have only read a handful of their stories.

Joseph Conrad

Number of books read: 2 (plus a few short stories)

While Heart of Darkness remains one of my all-time favorite classics, I haven’t spent a lot of time on the works of Joseph Conrad. I wouldn’t mind rereading HoD as well as Lord Jim. I actually have these two on my Classics Club list for rereads in addition to Chance. If anyone has a recommendation, please feel free to comment. 

Charles Dickens 

Number of books read: 4

To think, I have the audacity to call myself bookish! The last Dickens I read was Hard Times back in the early days of this blog. This surprises me as Great Expectations is another favorite book. I haven’t even read Oliver Twist, although I did see the Wishbone episode. I love that literary pooch! There are several of his books on my shelves, so I would probably go with the aforementioned Oliver Twist, or possibly Bleak House as that one is highly regarded.

Oliver Twist – What the Story Was: Wishbone, Reviewed

Ernest Hemingway

Number of Books Read: 3 (plus several short stories)

At least, I’ve gone beyond Old Man and the Sea. Outside of a collection of short stories, I’ve read zero Hemingway since starting this blog. While I remember enjoying both The Sun Also Rises and A Farewell to Arms, I would fail a quiz on either of these books. I just bought a copy of Garden of Eden so probably that would be my next original read from him. 

Kurt Vonnegut

Number of books read: 2

I remember reading both Slaughterhouse Five and Breakfast of Champions back-to-back. This event occurred long before this blog was ever conceived. Fortunately, I’m rectifying that right now by reading Welcome to the Monkey House, which is my Spin book for September. I’m only a few stories in to this collection, but I am really loving it. Few authors capture that perfect blend of bleak with the absurd like Vonnegut. 

scooby doo hello GIF by Boomerang Official

Which classic books are next on your list? Let me know with a comment below!



5 thoughts on “Thank You, I Will Have Another

  1. Better late than never I say!
    I’m with you re Dickens and Conrad, but less inclined to go down the Hemingway path (I read A Moveable Feast a few years back – ugh!!! The ego of the man!!)
    Would like to read a Vonnegut one day…

    Can highly recommend Bleak House, David Copperfield and A Tale of Two Cities when you get the chance.

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  2. I answered George Eliot to this question but really there were so many – I would like to read all of Jane Austen (as you know!) all of Charles Dickens, all of the Bronte’s. . .
    How do we find time to read anything new ?!

    Liked by 1 person

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