Reading Challenges Update

I thought this would be a good week to update my progress on my personal reading challenges, particularly as the year is rapidly coming to a close. My plans for this weekend is to create an actual page where I can update my progress on a regular basis. Until then, here is where I currently stand:

Austen In August (5/5)

1. An Austen novel I’ve never read: Emma 

2. An old favorite: Northanger Abbey

3. An unfinished work completed by another author: The Watsons and Emma Watson by Jane Austen and Joan Aiken

4. An interesting mashup/adaptation of a Jane Austen work: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith

5. A nonfiction book about Jane Austen or her time period: Jane Austen and Her Times, 1775-1817 by G.E. Mitton

Yes, it took me a few days longer than the end of August to complete it (more reviews forthcoming). Considering I created this challenge, I figure I’m allowed some additional days. I had so much fun in participating for the first time! As an added bonus, please allow me to share a picture of the fabulous prize I won:

Photo Credit: Natalie Getter

This beautifully illustrated copy of Persuasion was generously donated by the Folio Society. I was so excited to receive this as I have never won a book before! It comes in a slipcase with a quote from the book on the front. I have my copy proudly displayed on my bookshelves.

Photo Credit: Natalie Getter

Back to the Classics Challenge 2017 (7/12)

I seem to be rocking the classics fairly well this year. If I complete the five remaining categories, I will earn three entries into the grand prize, a gift card to use towards more books! I’m really happy that I found this challenge, as it has given me an excuse to add more classics to my life (like I really needed a reason).

1.  A 19th Century Classic: Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

2.  A 20th Century Classic:

3.  A classic by a woman author: Emma by Jane Austen

4.  A classic in translation: The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi

5.  A classic published before 1800:

6.  An romance classic: A Long Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott

7.  A Gothic or horror classic:

8.  A classic with a number in the title: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

9.  A classic about an animal or which includes the name of an animal in the title:

10. A classic set in a place you’d like to visit: Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

11. An award-winning classic: Dune by Frank Herbert

12. A Russian Classic:


R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril XII

I learned about this event from fellow book blogger Sarah at Sarah Reads Too Much. I’ve never participated in one R.I.P event before, but it sounds like a lot of fun. This is hosted by and, and that’s where you can go to sign up as well. The purpose of the R.I.P. challenge is to enjoy books that fall into categories such as mystery, suspense, thriller, dark fantasy, horror, and the supernatural.

It’s not necessarily a challenge, unless you want to make it one. It’s more about bringing readers together to enjoy some chilling tales. There are different levels, so I’m thinking about doing Peril the First which means reading four books that fall into one of the above categories. I also want to tackle “Peril of the Short Story” as well. The book for discussion in October is Slade House by David Mitchell. I’m planning on tackling that one plus three more along with a short story collection. I would like to read an Agatha Christie for the challenge plus I recently bought The Fireman by Joe Hill.


And finally…..

“My Best Friend Likes to Torture Me” Challenge (0/1)

Image result for infinite jest

Last night, my best friend unofficially challenged me to take on the mammoth Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. I had never heard of it, and this thing looks like a beast. He knows I don’t back down from a challenge, so it’s on!


Are you doing any reading challenges? Any recommendations for future challenges? Please comment below!

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