SnapShorts: let sleeping gods lie

Photo Credit: Natalie Getter

The writing on the stone was issued as both a challenge and a reward.

Legend has it that the Greek God of Laughter had the ability to make anyone laugh, by words, touch, or even thought.

If anyone can release this deity from his earthly prison by making him laugh, He promised to accompany that person forever.

He will never let you feel grief but instead will allow you to experience perfect joy and merriment for the rest of your days.

Every year I would visit and whisper a joke through the crack in the stone.

Once I thought I heard a chuckle but surely that was just the wind.

In my dreams, He appears and encourages me to return with his gilded promises of perfect happiness.

But I think he might be some type of trickster instead.

He wants me to do pranks, and some of them are not very nice.

Maybe it would be bad if someone actually released Him?






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