SnapShorts: be careful what you wish for


The advertisement made claims like “the moment you take possession of this love charm, you will feel confidence like you wouldn’t believe” and “others will find you irresistible and discover unique qualities they hadn’t noticed before.”

She paid an extra $12.95 for the two-day delivery deal.

When it arrived on her doorstep, she immediately removed the pendant from its envelope and put it around her neck eager for the magic to transform her.

The boys will look at me the way they look at my sister, she thought.

As she started walking down the street, she noticed that everyone stopped in their tracks to watch her completely mesmerized by the most beautiful creature they had ever seen.

All the attention she started getting was flattering. Soon she was getting more calls than her sister from the boys at their school. The mailbox was stuffed with love letters and cards. She had all the confidence in the world. She wore the charm to bed every night.

Soon men were showing up in the middle of the night to see her. The police were called several times.

During a stroll with her boyfriend one night, he became violent. She refused to run away with him and he chased her. She escaped but not before ripping the love charm from around her neck and tossing it to the ground.

It still lies in the middle of those woods unclaimed but working its magic around those that happen to pass by.

A young man proposed to a woman he had only known for a few short days during a hike.

A college student uncertain of his future stepped over it and immediately went home to write a novel that made it to the bestseller list.

If you happen to be walking in these woods, you might feel a surge of confidence yourself. Be sure to hold on to that feeling for as long as you can.


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