SnapShorts: little friends

Photo Credit: Natalie Getter

I found the knights for sale at a thrift store for a dollar. They were so thankful for being freed from that plastic bag that they got down on their knees to swear their allegiance to me. Feeling sorry for them, I bought a small pewter castle for them which now sets on the top of my desk.

Sir Edward, the noblest of the five, stands at the corner of my bed every night as I sleep. A champion swordsman, he promises to protect me from any dragons or wizards that would wish me harm. So far, there has been neither, but he has managed to keep the cat from jumping on my bed and waking me up.

The two brothers, Sir Tristan and Sir Thomas, often practice their sword fighting on the top of my nightstand. I usually have to rescue one of them from the trash can when I come home from work.

Sir Frederick missed the days of great quests, so he set out to battle a mythical creature he saw  under my bed. I think it was just a spider. I hope he returns safely.

Sir Godfrey, the oldest of the five knights, feels it necessary to educate on the codes of chivalry. He insists on going with me everywhere. I keep him in the front pocket of my purse. He’s fine with this mode of travel providing he has a thimble of brandy to pass the time between teachings. At night when I’m trying to sleep, Sir Godfrey likes to tell tales from the old times and his heroic deeds before the wizard’s curse affected them. Sometimes, I feel sorry for them being stuck this small.

Sometimes I want to find a cure to reverse the curse. Most times, I don’t out of fear they would leave me if they ever returned to normal.


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