SnapShorts: happy endings

Photo Credit: Natalie Getter

When he was little, his mother would read him fairy tales, and his favorite was the one with the beautiful swan at the end.

His mother told him someday that would be him, and he knew she was telling the truth as children always believe their mommies.

When he became a teenager, he felt even uglier so he would stare at the mirror and wait patiently to become a swan.

At night he would read….and cry.

The others at school could be quite merciless with their teasing and bullying, and although at times he wanted to just give up, he kept going believing in the story knowing that someday he would be a swan.

He never became that swan, but that was alright.

He was willing instead to be the best duck he could be and was happy with that.

At night, he would read fairy tales to his own children.

He usually skipped over the one about swans.

It would be better for his children to become whatever they wanted as long as they were happy.




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