February Writing Update

Last month, I  posted a blog about my writing resolutions for the year. I thought I would give a report on my progress (if I can actually call it that). Expect monthly updates as I work towards my writing goals.

Novel Writing:

Yeah, not so much progress made in this area. I have an idea that’s been kicking around in my head for the past couple of years that I’m ready to start putting on paper. Basically, it’s a modern retelling of the classic Don Quixote. I plan on taking the modern themes of chivalry and madness and setting it in current times. As part of this research project, I will be reading the classic later this year as well as tracking down as many articles on the novel and Cervantes as I can. There have been several variations of this tale over the years, and I plan on researching those too.

Image result for don quixote

Edit My First Novel:

I have been looking over the first three chapter of my other attempt at a novel. There is a lot of editing that will need to be done, mostly trying to make the plot more cohesive and balancing the lengths of the chapters. Without giving away the plot, I will say it’s a fantasy story with a modern twist. A lot more research needs to go into this project too.

Image result for writing

Other Writing:

I’ve been working on a couple of short stories, one is a fun science fiction tale while the other is a more serious story heavily grounded in reality. With some careful editing, I might have a couple of decent short works under my belt. Also, there’s a couple of short story competitions that I plan on entering! One is a local competition for a short story under 5,000 words. The other one is for charity writing a short piece for Doctor Who! I need to get an outline completed by the end of the month, so no pressure there. I have a potential idea for a great short featuring my favorite Time Lord, but of course I need to research this too. In other words, I’m heavily in research mode.

Image result for doctor who gifs

Wish me luck in all my writing endeavors!


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