September Book Haul

Another month in the books, and that means another month “of books.” I found a lot of awesome finds during the month of September. The store had some awesome finds in the science fiction section. I’m ashamed to report that I’ve never read any Margaret Atwood or Philip K. Dick. After October, that will no longer be true. I also found a cool hardcover starring my favorite time travelling alien!

Of course no book haul would be complete without adding some classics to the mix! I’m almost finished with The Collector, and it has been quite an exciting thrill ride of a story. Also, I found a couple of nonfiction books that looked appealing, one of them from one of my favorite writers.


Since Halloween is rapidly approaching, I decided to pick up this awesome double book from another author I haven’t read yet:
img_0114My favorite acquisition for the month is this awesome literary journal that has some fantastic watercolor drawings in it! The whole book has you make your own lists, such as “top ten horror novels” or “books you couldn’t finish.” I’m excited about writing in this one along with my Book Lust journal.

I would love to hear about some of your recent book binges! Feel free to comment below!



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