August Book Haul

Welcome to my first book haul post! Since the acquisition of new books holds almost as much pleasure as reading, I will be doing a monthly post discussion the newest additions to my literary family.

I tend toIMG_0100[1] visit my favorite used bookstore about once a week. Not only do they have thousands of selections, you can also bring your own books in for trade credit! For this month, I found these three which only cost me $1 a piece with my credit. I picked up The Gap of Time by Jeanette Winterson. This is the first title in Hograth’s new series where a novelist writes a contemporary adaptation of a work by Shakespeare. Winterson chose to adapt “The Winter’s Tale.” I’m excited to jump into this one. I also bought To the Lighthouse, which will be my first foray into Virginia Woolf as well another novel from one of my favorite authors David Mitchell.



While visiting some of the surrounding local thrift stores, I picked up three other books. First, I found a short story collection by the great Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I also picked up another Murakami as well as a memoir of how Jane Austen affected one author’s life. I’m really thrilled about the male perspective aspect of it (which I will be reviewing later this week). I also snatched up a couple of newer books for this month’s haul. I normally don’t buy books unless I know either something about the story or the author, but the back cover blurb of Scott Sigler’s Alive was so good I impulsively grabbed it.


Of course, I had buy the book that everyone is talking about. That’s right, the next chapter in the Harry Potter series is here. At first, I was put off on the idea of buying a play, but considering I won’t be seeing it anytime soon, this will be the next best thing. I actually found a lot to enjoy in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which I will be sharing in another upcoming review.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my latest book binge. If anybody has read any of the works above, please feel free to share your thoughts. Comments are always welcome! Stay tuned for my next review in a couple of days.

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