Fun New Ways to Read the Classics

One of my long-term goals is to read more of the classics. I want to gain a greater understanding of their lasting appeal and explore how they are still relevant today. However, reading really long works like Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina or Homer’s The Odyssey can be quite taxing. However, there are now several fun new ways to enjoy the classics:

1) Graphic Novels of Classic Literature:

I recently came across this graphic novel version of Homer’s beloved classic. My actual copy of Homer’s grand epic has sat on my not-so-grand bookshelves for years. When I came across this version in a local thrift store, I decided this might motivate to finally take it on.

PictureAuthor Gareth Hinds is responsible for this adaptation. Although I’ve come across graphic novels of classics before, mostly Jane Austen, this is my first time reading a classic work in this format. I just finished it and really enjoyed it! Stay tuned for my review of it in the next few weeks.



2) Classic Novels with Science Fiction Mashups

I read  Android Karenina last year and really enjoyed it. Author Ben H. Winters takes the Tolstoy epic and fuses it with elements of steampunk. Who doesn’t love a good romance with robots. Although this wouldn’t top my list of all-time Picturefavorites, I’m willing to give another mashup a try. Although there is a lot of debate regarding these hybrids, I feel like if it gets young people interested in reading then it is a good idea.




3) Modern Language Translations

I own a couple of the No Fear editions of Shakespeare’s plays, having wanted to try them for quite some time. They are really cool because they put a modern and easier to use version next to the original. I also just purchased a modern retelling of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales by Peter Ackroyd. I plan to add that to my summer reading too.




Please comment below and tell me some fun and interesting ways you have enjoyed the classics!

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